Zirconia alumina sanding belt Medium/Heavy duty grinding

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Zirconia Alumina Abrasive Belt

Material: Zirconia alumina abrasive, Waterproof polyester cloth, Electrostatic sand planting process

Specifications: Customized on demand

Granularity: P24-P320

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The zirconia alumina abrasive belt is made by bonding zirconia alumina abrasive to paper, cloth and other substrates with an adhesive, and it is a belt-shaped tool that can be ground and polished.

It is used for polishing and grinding of stainless steel, carbon steel, alloy steel, aluminum-zinc alloy, etc., deburring of castings, sprue, deburring, and grinding of steel plate welds. It is widely used in the golf industry to polish ball sprues and burrs. It is also suitable for rough polishing in precision casting, kitchenware manufacturing, valve fittings manufacturing, knife and scissors manufacturing and other industries.

Very good self-sharpening to maintain its excellent cutting performance, suitable for heavy-load cutting with large margins.In the grinding process, new cutting edges are constantly produced, which can maintain the sharpness of the abrasive grains and increase the smoothness of the workpiece to be ground.

The third-coated zirconia alumina abrasive belt has self-lubricating effect, which can reduce the temperature of the grinding zone and form cold grinding, thereby greatly reducing the possibility of burns to the workpiece. Especially suitable for the grinding of stainless steel and high temperature tempered steel.

Good toughness, excellent grinding surface, prevents dust clogging, and can be continuously and durable grinding.
Strong cutting force, resistance to water, oil and abrasion, long service life, good efficiency and cost ratio.

Application field:
Zirconia alumina abrasive belt is mainly used for heavy-duty grinding, suitable for grinding heat-resistant alloy steel, titanium alloy and austenitic stainless steel.

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It is widely used in the grinding and polishing of steel, alloy steel, cast iron and non-ferrous metals, and strong grinding of medium duty or heavy duty. The rigid polyester fabric is resistant to strong tension and impact, has high abrasion resistance, and has excellent comprehensive cost performance.


Automatic grinding, Mechanical hand grinding, Desktop grinding, Manual tool grinding

Custom Made

Various specifications can be customized according to customer needs and non-standard

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The main component of zirconia alumina is α-AI2O3 and AI2O3-Zr eutectic, which has good toughness and wear resistance, and is suitable for high-speed and heavy-duty grinding and the processing of difficult-to-grind metal materials. It is suitable for processing metal materials with high tensile strength and toughness. Such as various stainless steel, titanium alloy, heat-resistant alloy steel, high molybdenum steel, nickel/chromium alloy, chromium/cobalt/tungsten alloy, bronze, gray cast iron, etc.
Zirconia alumina abrasive grains have slightly lower hardness, good toughness, high density, fine crystal size, and high abrasion resistance. It is used in the production of heavy-duty grinding wheels, grinding various rigid parts, steel castings, heat-resistant steel and various alloy materials. The zirconia alumina abrasive belt continuously produces new sharpening in the process of use, and has strong self-sharpening. It is widely used in the grinding and polishing of heat-resistant alloy steel, stainless steel, titanium alloy, etc.
The grain size of abrasive belt has a great influence on grinding productivity and surface roughness. In order to ensure workpiece roughness and processing efficiency, it should be based on different requirements of processing, machine tool performance, and specific processing conditions. For example, the machining allowance, surface condition, material, heat treatment, precision, and roughness of the workpiece are different to select different grit belts. Generally speaking, coarse grit is used for coarse grinding and fine grit is used for fine grinding. (The following data is for reference only, and the actual processing conditions are related to the performance of the machine tool and processing parameters, etc.)

Abrasive grain size Processing accuracy range
P16-P24 Rough grinding of castings and weldments, de-pouring risers, flashing, etc.
P30-P40 Rough grinding of inner and outer circles, flat surfaces and curved surfaces Ra6.3~3.2
P50-P120 Semi-precision grinding, fine grinding of inner and outer circles, flat surfaces and curved surfaces Ra3.2~0.8
P150-P240 Fine grinding, forming grinding Ra0.8~0.2
P250-P1200 Precision grinding Ra≦0.2
P1500-3000 Ultra-precision grinding Ra≦0.05
P6000-P20000 Ultra-precision machining Ra≦0.01

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