The durability of sand belt for sander

Durability is the time that the tool can be used effectively. For abrasive belt grinding, the durability of the abrasive belt refers to the abrasive belt's ability to meet certain grinding conditions (such as material removal rate, grinding rate, cutting temperature, etc.) The time for grinding is usually expressed in seconds (hours). In practical applications, it is also expressed by the cumulative grinding volume, that is, the total amount of material ground by the entire abrasive belt or the cumulative number of workpieces processed. Although this method is not strict enough, it is simple and easy to apply and can roughly reflect the actual use of abrasive belt durability.

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The durability of the belt sander belt is different from the durability of the grinding wheel. The latter refers to the processing time between two dressings, while the former usually cannot be corrected. A sanding belt is used until it is no longer useful. Therefore, the durability of the sanding belt for sanding machine is much longer than that of the grinding wheel only from this point of view, generally 4-10H. Its durability means the working grinding time is shorter under heavy load. It takes ten years for light load grinding, the worst case may be 10-30 minutes, the best abrasive belt can last for several days, this depends on the specific processing conditions.

How to judge if the sand belt need to be replaced?

The replacement of the abrasive belt is mainly based on the wear condition. When the grinding pin enters the final stage, the service life of the abrasive belt will end, indicating that the abrasive belt needs to be replaced. Whether the grinding pin enters the final stage is mainly judged by the following parameters.

Material and efficiency or grinding rate. When it drops to the specified value, it can be determined that the abrasive belt needs to be replaced.

When the pin grinding force reaches a certain value, it means that the cutting rate has reached the critical point. the replacement of the sand belt of the belt sand machine needs to be controlled from the aspects of economy and cost.

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Post time: Oct-12-2023