Before the arrival of the traditional Chinese Mid-Autumn festival and National holidays

Before the arrival of the traditional Chinese Mid-Autumn festival and National holidays, last Sunday Fuke Abrasive Materials have organized an outward bound activity. After a whole day of exercise and team integration, the whole team have been injected with new vitality and strengthened idea of teamwork.

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Nowadays the competition in abrasive materials industry have been very fierce, each of the participants have been sharpening their mind for better products, better service and better market share. Fuke abrasive also face the same challenge. Though Fuke now have occupied about 40% of the domestic markets, products covering emery cloth rolls, sandpaper rolls, cloth sanding belts, paper sanding belts, self-adhesive stickers, hand sanding paper rolls, hand sanding cloth rolls, water sand rolls, back flannel DIS series, adhesive DIS series, nylon belts and nylon products, sandpaper, emery cloth page wheel, cloth wheel, hemp wheel and wax and other polishing materials, but to develop further and better in face of the growing competition still remain a challenge to the managers. To these days, Fuke have developed many new products with new technology, like brown fused aluminum sanding belt, silicon carbide sanding belt, Zirconia aluminum sanding belt, ceramic abrasive belt, though named the same in the market, but they prove to be more durable with good cost performance. All in all, the development of products or service will finally rely on the staff and workers, only a robust team can bring about an ensured service and progress. After the activity the team will face the job with new spirit and energy, carrying Fuke’s goal further into bright future.

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Post time: Sep-25-2023